Traversal Skill QOL Change

Please change traversal skills, to be able to go up/over/across terrain, from one valid terrain to another valid terrain, even if the path between the two is not walkable. There are so many twists and turns, ups and down, or windy walkways (for example, in soulfire dungeon) and rather than walk in a huge U around a gap, it’s be awesome to just “leap” or “shift” etc across it. One of my favorite skills and reason to play Barbarian in D3, was the leap ability, which let me leap from one floor to a different floor, without having to walk around using the stairs. Similarly in D2 you could teleport through walls, instead of having to walk through the doorways. It made speed farming and moving around in the game a bit of a joy. Also chance Sentinal lance, maybe through a talent point, that lets the sentinal dash forward without having an enemy. Also with Javlin as a traversal skill, change it maybe with a talent point, so that it’s a dash and flag at the same time, instead of place flag, then dash. When bosses are doing tons of mechanics you have to dodge or get one shot, it’s easy on my rogue where I can instantly shift away, but with sintinal there is no dash, unless it’s right at the boss, however sometimes infront of the boss is where the thing you need to dodge is. So I could use javlin traversal, but that takes one second to place flag, then slight delay, then lets me reposition to flag with a second command. Since it’s delayed and take multiple key presses, it’s often too late. If it were an option to just dash to safety on first and only keypress, it’d make for a much more enjoyable experience.

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Being able to use traversal skills to skip large portions of maps because you’re a zoomer isn’t QOL, cut it out.

Stop trying to play every game the same way and you’ll stop being frustrated when different games play differently.

Also, holy god paragraphs are a thing dude.


Some traversal skills allow you to do that, like the skeleton mage node. Most don’t. It wouldn’t make any sense for shield rush to do it, for example. I doubt this will change.

Can I just say, I’d like the traversal skills to work at all?

-I played multiple classes.

-Flame rush will work or not depending on it’s mood given if you’re near a wall or monster or stairs are involved or if Saturn is in the 9th house of whatever.

-Teleport will grant you passage to the bottom of a cliff in exhibit A or waste it’s cast/cool down entirely if it needs to contemplate it’s life goals.

I basically consider utilizing a traversal skill to be mandatory but bite my lip every time I try to use one because currently, they are all like CATS. They seem to want to do whatever the heck they want but X amount of the time, they aren’t going to traverse you anywhere.

I don’t think it’s about skipping portions of maps. It’s more about allowing the use of the relevant movement skills to move through places that would seem very reasonable.
Typically, it’s weird that I can jump 30 meters away, but cannot jump off a small ramp to get to the ground just below and thus need to walk down the ramp.

In the cases where you would be skipping important sections of the map, or even events or parts of the quests, then it should still be impossible to get through.

@MrJohnson I do find skipping large portions of the map with a traversal skill is one of the perks of having that kind of skill. The other is being able to react to telegraphs more efficiently, or closing into melee range.

Teleport traversals are okay but what you wrote brings to my mind leap from Primalist and how it’s annoying I can’t leap on small ramps.