Traveler's backpack

Hello ive purchesed this games standalone a long time ago and its saying i cant receive the back pack it says i just purchased the game?


i’m having the same problem, and i’ve seen others in chat asking about it.

so what do we do about it? im not even sure where to post to get it fixed

Sadly this game doesn’t appear to have functional customer support. I posted in the LE Discord about my 60 necro that is now missing after the .9 patch and they said to create a ticket here. I create a ticket here and they asked for a screenshot which I provided and now they stopped responding to me. Not sure how I’m supposed to get help now.

I have a ticket in with support right now about this; their most recent reply stated the following:

“There is a known bug with the backpack not being wisible in game yet. Once that is resolved we will then let the community know. This is one of the hotfixes that is slated first thing next week. Until then the backpack has not been distributed.”

Obviously this response does not address the account age issue you are describing, though I have not received a response to that question as of yet.

okay thanks guys well hopfully we get this figured out i mean i guess its not a huge deal but still kinda sucks i also made a support ticket now too

Also have this issue even though I purchased the game through steam back on December 18, 2019

Just to clarify since the patch dropped stating it was there now - I still don’t have. Owned the game for 2 years now…

Same here, had the game since it was available on Steam and cant even see the Option for the backpack on the appearance tab - but i can equip a pet, so thats something i guess =)

Again, same here. I have owned this game for about year and a half if not more and the appearance GUI doesn’t show it available at all. I guess that is where you get it but not once have I actually read anywhere how to definitely get it. I’m not complaining just stating a fact that applies to myself. Maybe others have read how to obtain it somewhere. I just haven’t found it yet.

This has over 150 views. Can someone please look into this as well? I would appreciate it. To put it simply, I have OCD as a collector as well as flat out being a Huge Fan of this game since the beginning. I think that the developers/techs are awesome and this community is the best I have ever been in. Very, Very non-toxic and just plain helpful. I would like the cosmestic backpack simply because 1) I want to show pride in being a “longstanding” member of this game and supporting it for a very long time and 2) My OCD really wants it lol. I say that jokingly but I am a huge hoarder in the game. That may be a bad thing but I don’t think so. It’s really fun for me to collect it all. Not just relics and uniques but regular weapons and even classes and builds. I try a few to get myself started in a direction, then choose a class and a build and play it through to the end of monoliths (not really the end lol) and then I level up another class and collect more items. The game itself is an absolute wonder and it is beautiful. Yes it has some bugs… to be expected but I am having a blast playing. I am disabled and my hands, until about a week ago, have been unusable for about a year but now that I think about it I played for the entire year before that. I have been on the forums with Boardman and a lot of the long timers. In fact, part of what endeared me to this game is that as my body was hurting more and more, the community in the game and the forums actually helped me with builds so that the game became a two button and mouse push game and really helped me have fun while I was physically hurting and honestly going into depression. This game, and my wife, helped me stay afloat and helped me enjoy things even through all that. I want the backpack to show that I honestly am a proud member of this community. I want to show it off. Not for now. I’m not in a rush for it but for the future. I want to be able to say/show “I was here”. Even though I couldn’t play my wife and grandson would log into the forums on their accounts and show me the builds being created all this time. I had shots all over my back and in my hands and on Tuesday I have more shots coming to help “nullify” the pain. I have a severely damaged spine. It still hurts to play but the fact that the game is, not simple by any means (I love the complexity that allows so many builds to be created), but is four fingers basically on the keyboard most of the time plus the mouse. It is easy on my hands compared to many games. Thank you for that. I will hush now lol. Even when I talk I go on and on. Drives my wife nuts lol but she still loves me. I love her and I love this game. Techs and Developers, have a great new year ahead of you.