Transversal vs Displacement

Transversal → Abilities with Cooldown that moves the caster into somewhere (ex: Teleport)
Displacement → Abilities with Cooldown that moves caster`s targets into somewhere (ex: Any Skill with pull or push effect)

Both Transversal and Displacement tags requires cooldown on skill but the target of instant movement and usefulness is different
Transversal → You teleport yourself out of danger or to close the gap for attack a foe
Displacement (on enemy) → You teleport your enemies to greater danger or to avoid being at range of their attacks
Displacement (on ally) → You teleport your allies out of danger or to close their gap for attack a foe

What do you think? Is it possible to all 5 basic masteries (Acolyte, Mage, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel) to have at least one basic Displacement ability? They already have at least 1 Transversal ability, and maybe they should have at least 1 Displacement ability.

Important: other crowd control ailments (Stun, Freeze, Slow, …) are not Displacement, as they don`t move enemies around

I am not a big fan of homogenizing different classes.

I would say most of these types of abilities are already present on most classes, they are just hidden somewhere in a skill spec tree.

And as long as those abilities have enough theme, that fits the class it is totally ok for me.

But I would not like adding skills for the sake of adding them to homogenize classes.