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[Transplant]Drink Deep Node wrong wording

The Drink Deep node gives you “Health Cost Regenerated”. However, in practice it is “Health Cost Healed” over four seconds (1 tick per second). It is also boosted by “Healing Effectiveness” indicating that my testing appears to be accurate.

Suggested solution: Reword node to say “Health Cost Restored as Healing Over 4 Seconds”

This can be tested pretty easily:

  • Enter Reaper. Cast transplant (losing health), health then is restored in four ticks.
  • I’d imagine you could also verify it still heals you despite getting Damned stacks from Marina’s Lost Soul and/or Deathseal’s Doomcall node (to get -100% regeneration)

To test healing effectiveness:

  • Not in reaper, put on exsanguinous to hurt yourself
  • Had 91% healing effectiveness
  • Steady state life of 138
  • Transplant cost is 37life (0.27x138=37)
  • Cast transplant. Life goes to 101. Immediately regens up to 104.
  • Life increases in four ticks: 104->127->145->161->173 (the 127->145 is most accurate tick given it around steady state)
  • 145-127 = 18 life tick
  • 37 x 1.91 = 71 total life restored expected if healing effectiveness works. 37 life restored if healing effectiveness doesn’t work.
  • 18 x 4 = 72 total life restored.