Transplant Cooldown Increase Bug

Dear Devs,

Maybe I’m completely blind and overlooking something, but transplant is bugged for me and has a 4,9sec cooldown. And no, I didn’t take Pale Blood or anything that increased the cooldown time duration.
Points put into: 3 Acolyte’s Fervor, 3 Dance Of Blood, 2 Scarlet Rain, 1 Ethereal Body, 1 Black Mirror, 1 Reign of Blood, 3 Depravity.
Thanks for looking into it!
Ps. Reaper form does have it’s normal 20sec cooldown for me, so it’s really a transplant related issue.

Do you have any uniques equipped?

Sure did, plague bearer staff, chimaera’s essence amulet and soulfire relic, so problem shouldn’t be there either unless I’m missing something?

Sometimes my transplant cooldown goes up to 6.9, I always forget to submit a bug report. The only thing that fixes it is going to menu and coming back (until they find the cause) but you definitely aren’t alone in this

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