will you translate the game to other languages, and if so, will this be a community effort or would you rather hire people?

While I personally prefer English, there always seem to be people who’d like to play games in their native language.

I’d volunteer for a German translation, if you want to make one and provided you’re going with a community effort. In this case, some easy access to resources that need to be translated would be great. I know it’s quite early for that and probably not a top priority, but imo it’s easier to think about translations before there’s a huge amount of lore, items and whatnots that need to be translated.

Even if you do not want a community translation, I’m happy to proofread your stuff.

Appreciate the offer!

I don’t think we’d be comfortable making any commitments until we see how the KickStarter goes. We had some localisation-related stretch goals which at this point likely won’t be met.

What about the Kickstarter page? Not sure how many people it might attract if they discover that the Demo (and the finished product probably as well) will only be in English for the time being.

But if you want I could work on that.

I think we need more people with a youtube (or other media) following to cover this.
I got here myself by watching by watching a d3 youtuber.
So if you know any or if you have any kind of following yourself, help out :stuck_out_tongue:

Said it on the discord before… normally I don’t wish I were a streamer - but now I do.

If it can reassure you, the bugs that were present in September 2023 are still present today after the release of patch 1.1 (google trad)

How the heck did you manage to necro a 6 year old post?

I’m not even mad… that’s… kinda amazing.

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I didn’t even look at the date of the post, incredible. I thought this post was talking about translations from September. Sorry for moderation, but close this topic

I had already discussed on another post where it talked about the German translation. As soon as I saw “German”, I thought I was on the right track… That shows you my level of English :')