#Trading #Rising Flames #?

When is this going to happen…?

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When is what going to happen?

Trade, per the thread title.

Thread title also includes patch name.

Is it an OR condition, an AND, both independently?

Why are there # symbols?!

I admit… I am more confused than usual today

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I assume that’s something the yoof do.

Yes, probably.

Maybe you should look it up :slight_smile: I’m fairly old but thanks for including me in the Yoof!

Sorry, I’m confused, what should I be looking up?

Well m8 if that confused you I’m afraid it wouldn’t do any good.

Its a shame to see the younger generations taking pride in their lack of reading, writing and communication skills.


I agree one hundred percent; call me GRANDPA.

Hello GRANDPA! I know hashtags were kind of a thing on Facebook in 2012, but it’s not really how they work. :slight_smile: They are not super useful in forum post titles !

Maybe you should look it up :slight_smile:

But it’s inspiring to see the elderly generation trying to stay relevant. Stay young at heart! <3

Edit : Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom.

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Well m8 apparently you spend more time on social media ^^ They can also be used in front of keywords / Topics. That being said it’s true they’re probably most famous on a platform owned by Elon…

That’s what I thought, but didn’t really see the #point.

#point is indeed the best trend of them all !

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LOL so I’m right; if you don’t see the point make a thread without the # … Yoof these days.

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Yeet yeet pete ####

#tryhard #yoofgonewild #wheremyfalseteef

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#Yeet #Pasta #Grandpa