When i 1st heard LE is introducing trading with 1.0 launch, i was actually excited by the ideea, hey something that might be fun to play cause of the fact you can now party play and trade with players…but NAAAH…it was just advertising.

The trading in this game is one of the most limited and annoying and boring and bad trading systems so far.

  1. FAVOUR - take it out. PERIOD. if not. Increase gain by 500% and reduce favour price for listing or buying by 95%. This should not exist in any game. I already have the currency / gold i need to buy the item, why should i need something else that is obtained by more time invested ? Didnt i already invest the time to get here ?

No favour would fix the zero gold prices on the market also.

  1. Speaking about time…WE ARE NOT IMMORTALS…i am lvl 96 and i am lvl 7 in trade guild…THIS IS PATHETIC…why are you trying to make players leave the game and go to poe where trading is absolutly normal (meaning free and simple), or create other sites for trading ? What is the goal here to not let me buy an item that i want / need if i have the gold for it ?
    Lvl 8 takes 1 eternity to get to, lvl 9 takes 2 eternities, and lvl 10 might not be achievable until cycle end.

  2. PRICE CHECKING. I want to check my item to not overprice it and wait eternity for it to sell, or underprice it and scammyself.

  3. to be continued

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