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Trading and Auction suggestion

I see that for trading the current itteration is being able to trade for lesser items via gold and not being able to buy or sell the better items in the game. I dont think this is a good concept because once people figure out endgame builds and top tier items there is gonna be certain items that make or break builds and ever getting your hands on these items will be almost impossible to obtain if we cant trade for what we need and sell what we dont. I dont think gold is not a fun currency for buying and selling either because it drops all the time and gold is gold. My suggestion is to make all items and currencys tradeable because gaining wealth and making godly builds is a whole other layer to the end game and replayability. Relying only on RnG to get a perfect setup is not rewarding, think of the diablo 2 trade system for example its perfect you trade things like runes or other items for items you need or runes so you can buy other stuff. I think this would be a perfect way to handle the trading and most people would love this.

I broadly agree. I generally think trade restriction is not a good idea.

But it suddenly occurred to me that one of my favourite game (FFXI, it’s an mmo but I think it applies :slight_smile:) which has a thriving economy also had some items which are not tradeable and it kinda incentivised people to play the game rather than being able to trade for everything. So I think some degree of non-tradeability might be healthy for the game. But I do agree that trade restrictions if any should be minimised and shouldn’t apply to all endgame gears (there should always be some economy around top tier items).

mmo games you usually cant trade endgame loot because you raid for it etc but in arpgs your usually solo magic finding/hunting for gear and its more about you than it is a group also you cant target specific drops so its a totally different thing, diablo 2 loot/trade had it perfect imo with the rarity of gg items and being able to trade everything. you have to play the game regardless or you wont be able to trade for good stuff it just allows you to eventually get the pieces you want rather than never aquire them

At this stage of the game development i think there are more important aspects being create/optimized/polished/fixed then adding trading.

Trading is very complex part of any game and cause with it all process of balancing the game.

I have been playing poe since close beta and seeing how game has change just only on point of trading. How easy and cheap is trade item that i couldn’t probable find myself.

In beta posting item on forum, looking/waiting for item several days to now getting item for 1 chaos i couple seconds. Most item are now filtered out because 95% you won’t sell. You mutli-craft it or buy what you need. There are to many on market and most items lost value and not worth time to pick up.

In Last Epoch at released full developed game i would like to see easy access to crafting affixes, runes and glyphs, items should be more difficult to trade. I like to have chase items for my builds.

We are in alpha atm, i would say we don’t need balance access to items as we can’t trade. Point of alpha imo is testing/fixing/optimize skills, items and builds as a whole. We could do more testing with more access to more powerful items. Just as example: item with itemlevel 95+ ll drop only with t4+ affixes.

Oh definatly trading isnt up there on importance right now I just wanted to post feedback about what i thought about the information given so far im gonna be making lots of posts like this i would like to help as much as possible in the creation of this amazing game, I want to see it succeed and turn into the best arpg yet :slight_smile:

Like most of us here probably.

I hope it won’t take wrong turn like other title :disappointed_relieved:

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