Trade & Item Factions

Yeah, it would have to either be restricted to SSF (ie, effectively rebalance SSF) or have CoF drops tagged as untradeable like LE does.

Still an interesting question though.

I find this an interesting mental exercise. What if these numbers are accurate across all players?

What do you do if you are EHG, and MG simply doesn’t pull enough people to work? Like, what if most of the ARPG player base just actually wanted better drop rates? Certainly the temptation must be to simply leave it as is, right? EHG really didn’t want to do trade. Doesn’t this then land them into the, “well, it’s not really broken if players don’t want it… is it?”, boat?

What if 75% if PoE people don’t actually want to trade, they are just forced into it by the game and a vocal 25%? I mean, that’s just hilarious. I don’t think it’s true, but I’m going to wet myself if it is true.


I mean. I’m one of those people who doesn’t love trade in PoE but does it out of necessity that I’d much rather not have to do. I don’t love private leagues because I can’t trade, because without trading I feel like I have nothing goin’ for me. The drops themselves don’t feel like enough most times.

So i could see this theoretical having a base in reality.

That’s not what their kickstarter says.

If your only options are shit drop rates or shit drop rates + trade, is it a surprise if there are an unknowable number of people that are on the fence about trade or don’t dislike the concept enough to go SSF so they go trade instead?

Me too. Trade in PoE to me (as someone who doesn’t play enough to get good drops) feels bad a lot of the time (not all the time, sometimes it works & sometimes it actually feels good).

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I’ve certainly had good drops before, and have been able to make my own mid-high tier gear. But not at a rate where trade becomes even slightly less valuable. You can play SSF in PoE, people do it. It’s just not the playstyle for a person who’s just above casual levels to enjoy.

This seems disingenuous. It’s almost like you weren’t around when they announced they weren’t doing trade, there was backlash, and then they came up with the MG/CoF design. I mean, c’mon man, does every single sentence need to be picked over? Can there never be shorthand?

That sentence says to me that EHG has been concerned from day one that trade brings with it a large number of problems and bad behaviors that they didn’t want to bring into their game and that they never want it to over-shadow actually playing the game.

And I shortened that to be, “EHG didn’t want to do trade”. It’s not accurate at all and yet I feel like you knew what I meant. “Seems like EHG didn’t feel like trade was worth the risk or effort until there was a lot of feedback”, would have been a better sentence, but already I’m writing a too much for something that isn’t the point of the post.

I’m right there with you. I never trade in these games because whenever I did, I find myself farming for currency rather than playing the game and getting drops. Not getting drops is why I play PoE seasons for a couple weeks and just stop. Well, that and there being no way to skip the campaign.

I am very excited that CoF will bring extra reward for us who just wanna sit back and kill monsters all day and not interact with a trade network. It’s made easier, trade, in LE sure, but it’ll be nice to ignore it and not feel like I’m falling too far behind.

That being said, I stand by the notion that trade is going to be stronger the later a cycle goes, simply bc the item cache builds and better items are added to it that someone alone with even 100x drop rate/rarity comes no where near to competing with an entire player base droppin’ items in the market.

But at least I won’t be out of luck entirely, infact, I feel I’ll be very Fortunate this cycle.

:grinning: :heart:

can anyone help me if you could do 1 on 1 trade when on merchant guild ? rather than using auction house

Yes, all the same rules apply for favor cost, MG rank etc.

is that confirmed by devs ? that you can initiate 1 on 1 trades

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Yes u will beable to player to player trade and not use the bazaar if u want to.

Same rules that apply to the bazaar are the same rules for P2P trading

Don’t fret about if MG will fail or not with not enough people engaging with it. I’ll work hard enough to keep it nice and supplied. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can search for it yourself if you don’t believe us. There’s even a faq that you can read.

A game for everyone is a game for no one. The same way GGG doesn’t want to make trade more accessible and likes to rely on friction in many of its systems, EHG has its own vision for the game. It’s not better or worse.

People can’t expect every game to be the same. Last Epoch isn’t Path of Exile and that’s ok.

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GGG is shifting theyre vision however :slight_smile: for the future but for now yes its friction.
Yes a game will always will have things people dont like and i dont like and thats fine. My point was that it felt like certain people try to silence discussion about certain topics because they felt trade is in a good spot and they gave trade so shh now. Thats not how it works. Theyre will always be discussion and should always be discussion, thats everybodys right.

Everybody likes different things so when its not in line with somebodys vision, its not oke to shhh other opinions just because you think its in a perfect state (thats the feeling i was getting and not for the first time). Yes they can disagree with it but just let me be vocal on this like they are on other parts of the game…

Its up to EHG what they will do with it and clearly they do listen to all voices many times as i experienced over the years.

And yes EHG can have theyre vision. That doesnt mean they are always right though and feedback can only help them think about it again (they encourage that all the time btw on and off stream).
They did listen to our complaints about the trade supply being low it seems. They adjusted selling which indicates that they agreed to some degree about the demand/supply topic of trade. Iam really happy about that.

Iam really glad it isnt path of exile despite the fact that i like path of exile.
That doesnt mean that i do like certain aspects about trade like path of exile has and certain other games aswell. I do get why EHG is going for a more restricted version and i respect that. Thats why i submitted a solution to make it less restricted but still more restricted than games like POE… like i said before if they dont change it, i will still love the game.

Since the prophecies are character specific it does not make sense to farm prophecies in a group, right?

Unless certain prophecies are so difficult that you still benefit from teaming up and completing one persons prophecy at a time. That seems unlikely though as it would be unfair to those that exclusively play alone.

It probably does 'cause then you could gift the items that drop to each other?

This might have came up before but I was wondering how much ‘friction’ does Circle of Fortune add to actual gameplay? What I mean by that are the following points:

  • How much time will be spent rerolling and optimizing prophecies and not actually playing the game? Am I going to sit there and roll prophecies for 20 minutes, then clear monolith for 1 hour and repeat that? That is basically currency spamming in a worse format because I have to interrupt the actual gameplay. I am asking this because I saw the 1.0 video of Lizard_IRL where he gets like 500 idols from one timeline boss kill. If that is going to be the optimal way of using prophecies I am not looking forward to it :sweat_smile:

  • Also even if I am not optimizing how easy it is to actually roll and track my prophecies? Because the UI on all the videos shows just colored orbs that I have to hover over. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to remember 40 blue orbs and what they all were. A simple text list sounds a lot more practical.

It’s true that GGG is backpedalling in some of their decisions, but only in regards to PoE 2 for now, it seems. There was no talk about PoE 1 getting the same treatment of an AH or any other way to help with trade friction, as the game directors of the 2 games are completely different individuals. It’s also fine if EHG wants to listen to this part of the community that likes trading and would prefer a more open system, I will be playing CoF anyway.

But from everything they have shown, the devs don’t seem to think that trading is truly a fundamental part of the game they want to make. It can exist and it can be friction-free, yes, but it should not be the main way in which players are able to acquire the most powerful items in the game, as in PoE.

There, if you want to sit in your Hideout all day without ever doing a single piece of endgame content, you can get rich. In fact, it’s the easiest and most sure way of getting currency, thus devaluing any kind of loot that could be acquired through playing the game. I understand why EHG wouldn’t want that here.