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Trade guild idea

So I was playing the game when I had a cool neat little idea for a trade system for LE. The gist of it is that u could only trade with members of a trade guild, which would be limited in size, and u would level up as u play in the guild/trade and the higher ur level of trading the more expansive items u could buy. So a lvl 1 character could only buy items up to 100 gold, a lvl 10 to 1000, a lvl 25 10000, a lvl 50 100000 and a lvl 100 trade skill in that particular trade guild could trade items for up to 1000000. The values could be changed by the devs as needed. The levels I’m referring to is in ur trade guild lvl not ur character lvl. This could reset with cycles or not. Just an idea. It could be open trade like an auction house sort of thing given ur in a very limited item pool to draw from.