Trade, F2P, MP and "cool" way they make LE

arpg without trading - beta version of the game. If I hate any melee or summoner builds and I get a PERFECT item with t7 and 3 t5 mod - and you can’t sell it - you might not even pick up that perfect item because you can use it in only way - sell to vendor for 500 gold… cool
if some rare unique item drops on a character that you don’t want to play, sell it for 500 gold too.
drop some good item for other classes with 3 t5 mods and 1 free - don’t even want to try crafting it to make useful x4 t5 mods - because you can’t trade it

LE without trade is cancer, you can’t convince me of this

2 years ago EHG said that after release the game will be free to play, and now you are told that it will be paid.
also they said LE would be with a trading system, now they have canceled it and made this stupid GIFT crap that gives you the opportunity to give some crap to your friend.
what the heck? why can’t I run 500 maps and collect tons of items and then sell them to anyone, but I MUST play with someone in the group before we get that 1 unique we want, to “GiFt” it. trash system!

what next “cool news” will we see? multiplayer abandoned? monolith only 10 locations per day and for the rest you need to donate? Or is the “endless” arena allowed for 10 floors each week? then you will need to buy other DLC\LEAGUE\patches? IDK for what reason you are doing all this.
2 years ago I bought this game with great pleasure and good expectations. It was written (in the incentive at least) that the game will be released at the end of the 21st year. It’s already the end of the 22nd year. exit and does not smell. no multiplayer, no sharing, no fully finished content that was promised to be made. I played, upgraded new characters, tried several builds, collected a lot of unique items, a lot of crafting currency, specialized shards for different skills, filled a lot of tabs with bases/items.
and now it all starts - eternal transfers of games (for no reason, just because the developers are lazy, or I don’t know) covid ended a million years ago, in 2 years I saw 1 new act and 2 dungeons, a slightly reworked monolith, several skill changes. closing the trade, all the deadlines have already ended, are you serious? How do you even plan to compete with anyone, not to mention PoE and Diablo?
I had only good words about the LE and positive emotions, now I understand that if nothing cardinally changes in THE COMPANY ITSELF, the game will not be interesting even for a couple of hours a month.

the game not even release but I was already tormented by anticipation, disappointed by the “progress” of development, made me cry because of the cancellation of trade.You do things that make me delete this game more and more. You can dislike thrade or disagree, but this is how I see this game and developers

No they didn’t, they’ve always said it will have a box price (though that was $15, not the current $35).

Because they want killing mobs to be the best way of getting loot, not playing the market.

Also, I don’t think gifting is going to be the only trade in the game ever.

But thanks for the new thread about the same ####.


I just feel the need to say, covid didn’t end years ago, things happened along the way, and they are working towards they current roadmap with multiplayer set to march next year, its impossible to release a game that is undone.

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To make things short:

No you don’t! I wrote of my money with little hope left That LE will be a good game one day that is played by more then 1k players a day. They throw that announcment at us and went radiosilent (maybe they’ll say they had vacation and never ever looked at the forum ^^) instead of communicating with people.

I just don’t know what to think anymore about EHG.

the first 20 levels iirc.

No it don’t lol.

Same as me but in the end it looks like they are just the same as other dev studios and We might get a game that’s okay to play each cycle for 1-2 days and be done with it if even.

Like other people as well. They did a good job in the past but they recycled a bad ui option and came up with gifting when people ripped them a new one when they announced trade cancleation. They had pressure to come up with something new for the first time in a while and this is what we got ^^.
They are greate when they follow a certain path and do the things as they want to but the first time they realy listened to the community big time they blow.