Trade development update - Introducing merchants guild and circle of fortune factions

Bugs will always exist in games. Fix 1, make 2. That doesn’t mean that they should stop generating new and exciting content bc bugs exist. If there were so many bugs that the game would be unplayable, that’s different. But the game is very playable, I play it all the time, I can confirm.

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Wait, so does that mean I can have an alt account in Merchants guild and use it to sell old gear?

No, devs already said that any drops before 1.0 cannot be sold.
And if you have one in MG and another in CoF you won’t be able to sell the stuff that drops from the 2nd character because it will have CoF requirements.

How would you get the gear from your main account to the alt?

Some of it will (the items that were affected by the CoF procs), the rest/normal drops won’t.