Trade development update - Introducing merchants guild and circle of fortune factions

How much additional drop rate is approximately equal to the ability to trade?

For me it’s easy, I never trade, this is just bonus drop rate. But I also never try to get to the top of a ladder or make a char with all BiS because I simply do not have the play time to do those things.

I think, for those that want to be at the peak of a character or a season, trading will be required.

Sorry if I missed the answer, but once these factions are released and I choose the trading faction, will I be able to trade the items that I have now on my online characters?

Some possible scenarios for exploiting the direct player to player merchants guild trading for psuedo rmt and real $$ rrmt (insert same thing meme here) I really think that direct player to player MG trading should not be implemented, just the anonymized bazaar.

I was watching Mike’s stream and the answer to this question was something like; you can trade items that don’t have a non-trading faction tag… currently, items dropping no have no tag, so yes, you will be able to trade items that drop now.

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Unless they were dropped for a CoF-aligned player, then they have the CoF tag and wouldn’t be tradeable.

CoF doesn’t exist yet, so no CoF-tagged items are dropping. Once {factionX-which is not trade faction}-tagged items drop, they won’t be tradeable.

It makes sense to me. They are doing it that way so they can add more factions in the future, and the trade faction won’t be able to trade those either. All items dropping prior to factions existing have no tag, and thus are tradeable. I can’t figure out a clearer way to say it. It seems very clear to me, but I write software for a living.

Ok, now i understand what you mean. Glad i read the rest of your post before replying…

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I really like this approach. it gives me, like maaaaany others who play the game, the opportunity to actually obtain high gear items and have a better experience without having to put the hours these items typically require due to drop rates.
Aaand if I have some holiday period and get some extra time to play, I can switch factions. Bravo

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I’m glad that developers communicate with mere mortals :))) There is such a proverb: one head is good, but two are better :)))

Hope you guys come up with a fair trade system and not like in POE, where making ingame currency becomes the most important part of the game. Wher If you dont know how to make currency you’re srewed.

There is always the other guild you can joind and never bother with trading. Trading IS eceonmy and eceonomy is never fair and will screw people who are unable to compete.


Is this available? I did not notice. Also how to link item in chat? I did not manage to trade anything with players by chatting in-game, though. Trading system better be good, because I see a lot of items not for my chars and I don’t know what to do with them, except waste my time reading their affixes…

No, the devs have clearly said it’s not been implemented yet.

I have to see I really love this system and hope you stick with it. I am firmly in the no trade camp and hope that the options are increased a bit. I would love to see a couple things.

  1. A true SSF choice. No trading, separate caches etc. Maybe as an additional challenge
  2. I do like the current Solo Account option as well
  3. I button to reset all progress on the Solo account found option.

But I really love the faction idea. I see that traders dont understand the solo option and solo players are not fans of trading because it can ruin the game in many ways but the solo options allow us to avoid all that.

I LOVE that you remain committed to actually finding your items being the core of the game. POE has become basically only currency focused and SSF is not really a fun option but more of a hardcore mode.

Last Epoch is already in my opinion the best of the ARPGs.

What happen to my current gear when you introduce factions?
Ive spent a lot of hours to collect gear for my build.

Current plan from the devs is: Gear that was obtained before factions are introduced will have no factions associated with them.

So you can do everything with them. Once you sold them via Merchant Guild they will gain Merchant Guild tag however.

All of this is subject to change obviously.

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Not bad

It looks promising ! I can’t wait to test it out. Thanks for the hard work :slight_smile:

are the leaderboards separate for the two?

This isn’t what the game needs. there’s numerous unfixed bugs with no mention of fixes in sight that have been around since 2021:
Chat defaults to general on zoning into a new area
In multiplayer, you have to wait ~10s before you start zoning into a new area(not 2021)
Game has no difficulty for 100+ hours per character(not a bug, but bad)