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Town Portal / Zone Reset / Boss encounter bug

Operating System: Windows 7

Detailed description:
When you go to town and goes back into the zone, the zone has been reset, as you already must know.
I then wanted to check out what happened after the boss fight in Chapter B, if i could go to town, then go back the tp and reset the fight, to farm the boss…
Then the boss didn’t appear, and the flower epoch couldn’t be touched/activated, so i was stuck in the boss room… was fixed after leaving the zone from boss room entrance and then reentering.
A good thing that you can’t abuse the TP for boss farming/resetting, but the bug was that the epoch couldn’t be activated after going to town…

What were you doing at the time?
Going to town and back to boss room.

How consistently does this happen?
Tried it only once

Your system information:

Your log file:

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