Town Portal visual bug

A few zones ago, I used a town portal. I started seeing a portal appear in my rifts randomly, without putting a portal down.

This is a visual bug, but the town portal is still clickable, but does nothing. I’d expect the portal to move when I make a new portal, but a new portal is made and the original bugged portal remains where it was.

This is an issue in the Fall of the Outcasts final mission, when you’re supposed to talk to the Amalgamate Souls. The bugged portal is right where they are, making them unclickable.

I believe this started after I teleported out of the end zone of the Temporal Sanctum. The fake portal appears in every zone I think. My real portal that I created to the right actually works.

last epoch portal bug (349.6 KB)

dxdiag log (133.0 KB)

le_graphicsmanager.ini (492 Bytes)

game (1.9 MB)