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Town Portal removing Monolith progress

Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended, but I figured I’d post this. It’s incredibly frustrating to TP out of an echo to do whatever IRL thing I need to do (take out the dog, check on kid, etc) and realize that not only was the echo I was just doing now gone, but I also got penalized and lost echo progress on the Monolith. As an example, I did 6 echos on the first monolith and started the quest echo. After I started it my dog got out of the house so I TP’d from the echo to stay safe (as I would in any other ARPG) and after I got her back in I came to find out I lost that echo, and was knocked down to only having 3 echos on the monolith done instead of the 6 I had before. Put simply, I think removing that silly penalty for TPing from an echo is important. Either that, or let the game pause when in SSF, but I have a feeling that’ll be tougher to do.

That’s working as intended. Leaving an echo before completing it for any reason is to fail the quest. Failure of an echo causes you to lose progress.

Well darn, I kinda figured. Oh well, at least I shared my thoughts lol. Thanks for the info, I’ll just keep that in mind going forward. Thankfully echos aren’t as long to complete as maps are in PoE.

You don’t need to portal out if you need to AFK for a few mins, just clear a wave of mobs and walk back then you’ll be safe

We need a way to really pause the game. Pressing Esc should freeze the whole game and enable us to afk for a while, that would be a good QoL feature.

It’s intended. Pwned myself a few times trying to go back to town trying to offload my loot haul and losing the echo in the process.

Being able to pause the game in single player would be a huge QoL feature but I’m not sure it’s possible with how the game is currently set up. I would like to see this added down the road though along with a true offline (no sign-in) mode.