Town portal location bug


I’ve been farming monolith in Fall of the Empire and I finished, went back to reward area and immediately I accidentally opened 1 more town portal while in the area between echoes where you take your rewards and went to end of time town.

So I wanted to go back in to pick the rewards and for some reason I got TP-ed into the echo itself even though I finished it?

I didn’t try to reproduce this again but wanted to share it anyway.

Video with bug:

Image with another similar bug, but this time I didn’t go into an echo:
The steps for this image would be:

  1. TP to a monolith area
  2. Activate a Town Portal
  3. Go into portal
  4. Go back into portal

Actual results: Stuck in loading screen
Expected results: Player can go back to monolith

Thank you,
Have a nice day!

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