Town portal is a one way trip

Whenever I use town portal the return portal never shows up effectively making the trip one way. Not sure if this was an intended change or a bug but I recall when I played last year, before this patch, portals were two ways. It’s not game breaking but it IS really annoying. This happens every single time I use town portal, doesn’t matter what zone I’m in.

Just read the patch notes for today, I think my problem has been resolved. Thank you. Will post here if issue persists. Was just about to hop on to play.

Ok, I can now verify my issue is resolved thanks to the patch today. Probably should have read the patch notes before posting here. Thanks EHG.

I am having this issue still. My town portals appear to spawn inside of buildings in town, making them inaccessible. Since the patch I noticed this happen in Thetima during the Divine Era. I will test other towns to see if any more have the same problem.

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All weekend I just assumed it was designed to be one way… lmao - two ways??? This will be a treat!!! :slight_smile:

oof, sorry to hear. Hopefully they get that taken care of asap.

I was wondering if they had decided to change that. I haven’t played since like June or July and I know back then it was a 2 way portal, lol. But, the patch issued this morning fixed my problem.

Still broken for me too.

My Town portals are also spawning inside of buildings in the city

Do you have screenshots of this occurring? This might be a specific zone that is having issues.

There’s a chance this is an issue on a zone-by-zone basis. A list of the zones having issues would be a big help.

While my issue seems to be resolved my wife played last night and her town portals don’t work properly, at least in the council chambers in the ruined era. I’m not sure why mine work now and hers don’t since we have the same patches, I can only speculate there is some factor that we don’t know about. Just out of curiosity what class is everyone playing as? My wife is a rouge. I was wondering if maybe it is linked to specific classes somehow?

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