Tour the Temple of Eterra's Updated Layouts and Visuals

Welcome Traveler, to the Temple of Eterra!

The Temple of Eterra once acted as Eterra’s seat of power before it fell from the sky and shattered the ground below. The temple is now quiet, filled only with ancient mysteries.



In the Ancient Era, this temple floated in the air, moored to the ground by massive chains. Eterra’s grace kept the temple in the sky until the day she went dormant.



The earliest shreds of humanity’s history in the world of Eterra recall the first people waking from their slumber in the halls of the temple and walking out into the shattered land around them.



Humanity emerged from the broken temple guided by the gods who spoke to them of Eterra’s love and mercy even as the doors to the ancient temple shut behind them.



The Temple of Eterra seen in the Ruined Era is a shadow of its ancient glory. A corrupted place where the Void thrives and twists the beauty that once reigned in its halls.



The Future is bright! :sun_with_face:

Truly remarkable zone. The lightning is insane.

:o The Temple of Eterra is a spaceship, the humans were in suspended animation & were woke when it crashed on the planet! Eterra was the AI that kept the ship running!

EHG confirms LE2 is a TBS in the vein of SMAC!


We’ve come a long way since the first playable demo:)

Looks fantastic. We need to get these updated zones into the monolith stat.

the new temple looks amazing! great job team :clap:

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Somewhere down the line I think it would be really cool to see the temple in a different era (divine?) during its glory days. For example we could have an endgame mechanic that brings us back in time from the ruined era to 1. stop eterra from going dormant and create a new timeline or 2. Fight to try and prevent it but it happens anyway, continuing the original timeline.

Edit: for number 2 I suppose there needs to be something else at stake for the player to have to choose between saving the temple and whatever that something else at stake is. Idk I haven’t thought anything out

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That is pretty damn stunning. Love some of the little details like the violet flowers deep below some of the overpasses. Fantastic update to the visuals.

They’ve said there’s more to come to the campaign. Perhaps our chosen character faces off against Orobyss in the Ancient/Divine Era Temple of Eterra with that lance you get blessed by Lagon as the ultimate endgame boss fight :open_mouth:

Animations, VFX, and MTX next!

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I’m on t phone just now, but it looks so nice! Can’t wait to see it on my comp. but I won’t b home till Friday:( Looking forward to see all t new stuff! U guys r amazing!

Wooow Very nice…

Joy for my eyes!

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The Future is bright! :sun_with_face:

Sorry but I can’t agree with you there… it looks rather grim and bleak… but a beautifully crafted grim for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Скорее бы уже 4 декабря, очень хочется поиграть в 0.8 =)

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