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TotemSplosion - a Spriggan Form build (0.8.4)

Kill things with Explosions of Poison + juiced Entangling Roots.

Video - Overview + mono gameplay

Build Planner
Be sure to turn on “Is Transformed” and “Has minion+companion” in Conditions tab: Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Skill Breakdown

  • Spriggan Form - Main skill. Spec into two parts: Healing Totems use Thorn Totem tree (+1 Totem), & Entangling Roots section. Add on ranged poison vines with extra points.
  • Thorn Totems - Main skill. Spec into mana gained on death, poison and poison explosions.
  • Entangling Roots - Main Skill. Spec into full Poison and DoT.
  • Summon Spriggan - supplemental skill. Spec for him to drop Entangling Roots towards you with healing.
  • Ice Thorns - side skill. Just because its still there. Proc armor when hit.

Required Uniques:

  • Death Rattle - this gives you 90 health every totem summon (and also life when Vines die, which is a bonus).
  • Raven’s Rise - affects Spriggan Form, Summon Spriggan + Thorn Totem

Strong Uniques:

Check out my other builds here: Builds created by Zaodon - Last Epoch Builds


Two more gameplay videos.

Normal Mono node:

Arena Node:

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Boss fight - Formossus:

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