Totems don't get summoned in Spriggan form

As the title says, my Shaman suddenly stops casting totems. I can see only casting animation and my rage is consumed, but no totems spawn.

Playing totem build which casts Healing totems with Spiked Totems talent in Spriggan form skill tree

I’m using Legacy of the Quiet Forest unique belt, which gives me rage regeneration and also i’m using Thorn Totem talent Memories of Eterra to get mana/rage return when i oversummon totems or my totems die

Normally i can spam Healing totem skill and never run out of rage.

But suddenly (in random Echo or Arena) i stop spawning totems, only doing cast animation, my rage goes down quickly and i get kicked out of Spriggan Form.
I’m not getting disconnected, i can cast my other abilities and run around, not getting “rubberbanded”

Sometimes it resolve itself after minute or two, sometimes i need to leave Echo
Never seen this behaviour outside of Echoes or Arena

Here is my log file
Player-prev.log (1.6 MB)

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Same here, i was just about to create a post but here it is !

Do you remember the map where it happens?
Shrouded Plateau is infamously bugged for that

Don’t remember name. Last time it was that map where you run on some ledge or bridge near waterfalls

I’ll focus on that and post map name when it happens again


I have same issue in hardcore.

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