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Totems and Vale Spirits don't attack spawned enemies

I’m currently running through “The Fallen Tower” area, with 2 Wolves, 5 Thorn Totems, Storm Totem, Spirit Vale and Frenzy Totem.
Whenever Storm Guardians (Skeletons) come out of the ground AFTER I placed Totems or cast the Vale Spirit, both Minion Types won’t attack the newly emerged enemies.
If I cast the Totems/Spirit after they spawned, they attack the enemies like normal.
Update1: The same happens with Dune Wraiths in the Dunes of Wrath, so I assume this isn’t specific to the Zone or Enemy Type, just the “Spawned/entered Zone after Minion was cast”.

The wolves attack them completely normal, so it’s an issue with minions that can’t move?

I tested it with the Sabretooth as well, works as usual.

Besides of that, the Vale Spirit stops attacking at all randomly, and won’t attack until recast. Couldn’t find a pattern behind this at the moment, tried running out of range of an enemy once it started attacking it and the monster then dieing out of range of the Vale Spirit by the Wolves or Totems, but that wasn’t it.

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