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Totems and minion passives

Was looking online and using information from gamepedia about totems that state “Totems are a type of [Minion]”. If this is true, would totems then therefore benefit from ANY passive that states “minions” in the description?


1.) Aspect of the Lamprey - You and your minions leech 3% of melee damage as health. I would expect the damage the totems do would only leech towards their health (and not my characters), but wanted to use this passive as a base for all passives that have a minion description.

  1. Talon Warrior - Grants 4% increased physical damage per point and 4% additional chance per point point to inflict bleeding on hit. I realize it doesn’t say anything about “minions” in the description, however, does that mean it would therefore not work for totems (or other minions for that matter like wolves, bear, etc.)?

Just curious about the descriptions of passives in terms of minions.

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  1. yes

  2. no. Minions are only affected by things which directly specify minions

Okay, thank you for the response. Figured it would be like that.

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