Totemancer for endgame

Hi guys,

I was fooling around with shaman, pure Totemancer but unfortunately failed and respecced to the zoomer :wink:

I really like totems…dates back to PoE.

In the campaign (especially when you have this legendary mace that gives +100% or more to minion damage, requires clvl 4 only) totems are a blast.

When thorn totem starts to fall off, storm totem picks up :smiley:

And gearing is so easy, I was just stacking attunement and minion damage, plus a little survivability later on, mainly dodge, glancing blow and protections per totem.

Maybe with this poison staff pure totemancer would be more viable but I have yet to find it ;(

And generally I think totems needs a boost to damage, both of them, so that pure totemancer would be viable.

Or maybe i did something wrong?

what do you guys think?

Maybe we sign a petition … :wink:


The Plauge Bearer’s Staff won’t do anything for a minion build, as the staff only buffs the player’s poison chance/damage.

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