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Totem aggro bug

Hi there,

I started running monoliths with my Shaman today. One Echo type is the one where you have to cleanse an altar (?) that’ll continuously spawn monsters. What I noticed was that if I cleared the area around it before engaging it and pre-casted totems, they wouldn’t aggro monsters till I resummoned them.

I also noticed that totems will not attack the Training Dummy even if I cast a spell on it myself. I don’t know if these things have to do with each other, but I am just mentioning it in case it does. In general it’d be nice if totems would auto-target the Training Dummy since minions seem to ignore it too. Maybe in the form of a taunt skill that is cast on targets within the circle? I’m sure we can come up with a good solution.

EDIT: I can confirm that totems behave the same for any enemy that emerges after the totem has been set.

Those are separate issues, the training dummy isn’t flagged as an enemy so totems & devouring orbs won’t attack it.