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Tornado Damage (or lack thereof)

Tornado, and basically all primalist abilities except entangling roots with the Eterra’s Might node really do significantly lack damage.

I’ve tried so many variations of skills/passives with super high end gear and here’s the glory that is tornado:

Tornado "Damage"

With a grand total of 224% base damage increase from skill passive tree

259% increased base spell damage from a 244% wand and 15% chest.

and a whopping 2354% combined increased damage from spell power/physical/damage over time stats from gear, passive tree and bufss.

We get this with 3 active tornados (max i could get at once):

I know content should be the highest priority right now, but would ti be so bad if you just multiplied all shaman base damage by a metric tonne so they can at least clear a monolith without having full t5 gear.

Difficult to beta test a class if no one’s playing it because it’s just utterly underwhelming.
I know there is a huge amount of people who want to love shammys, but just can’t.


Ya it’s in a really bad spot. I tried to make it work but it’s just so underwhelming. Avalanche feels way better with no skill tree than a lv20 Tornado.


Hmm, I wonder if the flat spell damage bonuses such as Lightning Struck and Spirit Claws are working for Primalist damage over time spells (if they are even supposed to)?

I played around with it and couldn’t find a talent build that really made a difference. Playing as melee and only use tornado for the increased attack speed.

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