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Tornado - Churning Orbs

Does this node in Tornado deal significant damage, or is it considered weak?

I’m playing a Beastmaster. He’s currently surrounded by a permanent Tornado that deals damage to mobs coming too close, but I’m not sure the Orbs are really doing something.
So I was considering removing this node and the next one (orbs frequency) and reallocating the points to some other node.

What do you think? Is this worth investing in?

Do the Storm Orbs have a tooltip dps? What tags do they have (I’d assume spell & phys, hopefully attunement as well)?

If it’s a spell you probably wouldn’t get much from them without a caster mainhand which you likely don’t have as a Beastmaster.

as a primary damage dealer ive never been impressed with it, but you can press alt and see its DPS tooltip

Go to the last node with the frequency it will show it if you press alt

With a 2 handed sorcerery staff and 300% Spelldamage 400% phys damage i Sit at less than 3000 Dps… So…

The image was with Alt pressed. I thought there was no tooltip but it’s on the next node, thanks!
My Primalist has 22 Strength and 25 Attunement (level 49), with no increase to Spell Damage.

that there is a killer :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s a bit disappointing.

@Hackaloken can we get Storm Orb to have the Attunement tag & maybe some additional added damage effectiveness?

Well, maybe I’ll remove Tornado and add Maelstrom. That would give me back the five passive points I put in Shaman. ^^
But yes, having the Attunement tag would be a great addition. :slight_smile:

Here is the guy right now, just after defeating Lagon.
I will keep Thorns totem if I can find idols that proc it, if not I will switch to Frenzy totem. And I’ll change Tornado to Maelstrom, probably.
He’s already rather tanky, but I’ll give him Aspect of the Boar though. He’s at 59% Endurance, which was my priority during leveling, along with Life in the Wilderness which grants Endurance to companions.