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Topic: Auto-Cast

Has the ability to use NUM LOCK to auto-cast been removed?

I’ve tried, very unsuccessfully, to get this to work per all the videos explaining such.

I am using a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and when I try to set this so called “Dev Approved” action all I get is a skill that activates the first time but then will not cycle and greys out. It would make using the Fire Ward skill dummy-proof but it’s really not a big deal but would just like to know if its me and my gaming equipment or have the Devs done what they have said they would do and revamped the skills normally set up with this action?

I do know that the skill tree for the Fire Ward has changed since the build guide was written and perhaps those changes were put into place for this reason.

I do like this game over Diablo and PoE and I hope the developers keep it fresh.

Flame ward got tweaked so it’s not possible to have a 100% uptime (or near to 100%). Its more situational now and autocasting it is not that effective anymore. You can still do it. The function to numlock autocast was not patched out (don’t know if this is possible as it is a windows related feature) and is still working.

It’s just that the skill is on cooldown for a while after running out.

There is a node with Flame Ward that gives a second charge. If you select this node, autocast does not work anymore for the skill.
Apart from that, I can confirm autocast still works fine.

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That makes sense then. That node was changed since the build guide I’m following was written/created. I did choose that node.

Nice, happy to help! :slight_smile:

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