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Top values for trifecta

I, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Imerator of the known world, had a question.
It wasn’t answered. Do you think it’s a wise to mock the gods in such a way?

The Question was: If the merchant starts in Achium and noon, and another one starts a journey from Byzant 2h later, both wagons going the same speed…

No, it wasn’t that…

From what divine eyes can see, a numbers like LXXV % for Critical Hit exist, that mechanic become ‘Critical Miss’ XXV %. If the Crits and not Procs (who are similar only more stultus).
The God asked clearly what would be the maximum values for CC%, CD%, cooldown%. Buing of two copies with beta (maybe alpha, too) direcly depends on this answer - I, Clavdivs, The God - had noting but trouble with that 'trifecta thinking’and it’s consequences (increased number of crit-activated effects, etc).
The game is, in this state, is practically impossible to balance (and The Good lived so much time, oh so much). Also, with LXX% of CC, and DCC% of CD, 95% damage output comes from crits. Coolldown reductions make things worse, on activating effects. Any sane player, or any insane player will see it on a Thrice Damned YouTube and… 15 Prestige classes is nice, but they will all have those 3 affixes (and different side affixes).
All characters are bland and builds on one character similar. What could be an interesting mechanic (Archon) D3 made an abomination, due using trifecta. Oh, and VC% of all the damage came from trifecta.
Easiest way is adding affixes (or better yet, prefix/sufix combination) TANTUM to a certain gear and with good limits, say:

  • Weapon, could, naturally have all 3, sometimes with a price coming to have to break to have to hold it, for better trifecta.
  • Some skills can have native +X% CC or +C% of CD
  • Gloves could have +CC
  • Armour +CD
  • Rings, Amulets - anything magical in nature can have them
  • Nothing else

This make game predictable in a good way, and maximally easy to balance and player doesn’t feel cheated because nobody told him that there will bi trifecta at all, much less to a such an extent.

So, what are your words?

Clavdivs, The God
Pater Patriae