Toon rollback?

I was playing my Acolyte all night last night, and when it was bed time, i hit shutdown on my start and went to bed. Logged in this afternoon and everything i had done last night was rolled back to when i was only level 16. Is this something i did wrong on my end? is our chars client side and not serverside, so i have to manually save when i log out? im not sure what happened here?

Sorry to hear about this!

At release Last Epoch will support both online-only, server-side characters and offline-only, locally stored characters. The former are coming during Phase 3 of our Early Access Forecast.

its alright, because i was having an absolute terrible time trying to get lich to be viable (def a me problem) but, all jokes aside, is there something i can do to prevent this in the future? or just a hiccup in the matrix.

Next week we’ll be discussing ways of improving the reliability of saves.

What I’d say at the moment is that ensuring that the game client is able to close down normally helps, as otherwise it can cease running while actively writing to save data, which is bad.

Right on, appreciate the feedback. Keep up the good work, you guys have really created something special here. Thanks again.

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