Tooltip position (on 21:9 screen)

Couldn’t use my old thread as it’s been closed but it’s the same issue, with a different UI (and somehow it’s worse).

As before, the tooltips are not at the right position on a 21:9.
It’s the case for skill tooltip on the skill bar, the tooltip is not placed correctly (same as before, it seems to use a predetermined distance from the border of the screen that is based on 16:9 and too short for 21:9). [I’ll try to upload images if needed.]
Don’t know if it’s related but changing skill works fine (the interface to select the skill is correctly place, but goes behind an open menu like skills menu), but changing to an empty slot doesn’t work.

Item tooltips in the inventory, stash and shops work fine.
But it would be nice to have the comparison with both rings and with both weapons if we can slot the weapon in the off-hand slot.

On skills menu, skills specialization and passive trees, the tooltips are not placed correctly.
And, where it’s worse than before, is that when expanding a tooltip and it opens a second tooltip for a secondary effect, the new tooltip is often placed behind the first one and becomes unreadable (and it’s quite hard to play around an effect you know almost nothing of).

I’ve got the same complaint playing on 3440 x 1440 except my complaint extends to inventory items as well.

Tooltips regularly overlay the cursor position when hovering items in stash or inventory, though it seems to happen most often on 1x1 items.

As OP notes, hovering skills and expanding any skill which links a second ability (For instance, werebear crackling assault / lightning) opens the secondary tooltip completely or partially behind the original tooltip where you can’t see it.