Tooltip DPS not updated for Forge Strike with "next melee attack" type buffs

Hello all, I have noticed that my Forge Strike tooltip DPS does not update for my two “every three seconds, next melee attack deals +damage” type passive abilities. I am getting this style of buff from both the “Fresh from the Forge” Forge-Guard tree, and the “Patient Doom” Void Knight tree.

Both these passives add damage to your next melee attack every three seconds. I see my Rive DPS update when they pop up, but my Forge Strike DPS does not change. I have tested this on the punching bag dummy, and the damage is clearly applying to Forge Strike as well (the ability does have the melee tag). Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hey there. Tooltip dps is currently unreliable and there are instances where conditional and situational calculations are either just wildly wrong or not applied at all.

The devs acknowledged this quite some time ago and have plans to update both the character sheet and tooltips ui. There are a few posts here on the forum about this, even showing mockups of new layouts etc.

Unfortunately, the decision to focus on Multiplayer has meant that these updates are on the back-burner for now so we just have to be patient.

Evaluation of dps is currently more reliable on the enemy dummies in the Champions Gate (where you start Arena maps).

Okay thats what I figured. Thanks for the input!

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