Tooltip DPS confusing

I’m assuming tooltip DPS changes depending on the level of the zone you are in ?

I logged into town, and my Disintegrate DPS showed 31,000.
I quick travel to another town, it stays the same.
Moving through two different zones, first it changes to 44,000, now its down to 30,000.

No buffs of any kind applied at the time I checked the numbers.

DPS in town never matters.

Perhaps the displayed DPS is relative to the level of the zone?

Tooltip DPS is buggy at its best. It will eventually be fixed, but I wouldn’t bother with it to assess your damage for now.

What would be the best way to asses a build’s DPS?

I have heard others recommend the Arena target dummies, but without a damage meter, it’s a little difficult to tell. Is there a damage meter add-on for Last Epoch?

There isn’t one. The best way to assess it will depend on the player. Personally, I just measure it with bosses. If an echo boss takes longer to kill, you dropped DPS, otherwise you increased it.

Wouldn’t be so sure.
Not even PoE been able to do this after all these years… So I assume we gonna have to rely on 3rd party tools for that in LE too.
But then, probably they never needed to think about it since PoB exists, the same way they never needed to do anything regarding lootfilters since there’s filterblade.
(And now after LE release, apparently they announced in-game lootfilters and insta-buyout trading XD)

The problem with the DPS tooltip isnt just that its inaccurate, its also inaccurate across different classes.

My Runemaster, with 30,000 DPS (Its decided to settle on that number for a while…), kills things about as quickly as my warpath paladin with a tooltip DPS of 8,000. Each tick of disintegrate is about as strong as a hit from warpath. I know there are alot of variables, like damage types, buffs etc, but when playing over a prolonged period, they feel comparable.