Tooltip altering Hotkeys behaviour is... inconsistant + minor annoyance

The me, the most useful info in the tooltips is the Tier info (MOD RANGES [CTRL ALT]). This post is not about bugs, but the buggy behaviour of the tooltips while comparing often scrolling off the top of the screen made me look into the Tooltip options. Trying out a few setting trying to show MOD RANGE without COMPARE I noticed ALT and CTRL oddly behave differently and that that does not seem possible.

For CTRL ALT, the CTRL also counts as COMPARE. The ALT however does not for EXPLAIN. I am going to assume this different behaviour is intentional because you have no room at all to COMPARE and MOD RANGE and EXPLAIN. Typically I’d be fine with it if the tooltips wheren’t goign haywire at times. I’ve at times used the workaround of unequipping a worn item so there isn’t anything to compare, just to force the tooltip back into the screen. Now that I have items with +Skill, this is even more annoying than it’s worth because of how the game currently (miss)handles removing skillpoints.

Possible solution. Consider moving what you would use least to SHIFT (EXPLAIN) and then have CTRL remain COMPARE and let just ALT be MOD RANGE. You would end up with a net gain of functionality where you can look at a tooltip with RANGE without forcing COMPARE. While ALT+CTRL would still behave the same as it does currently (COMPARE and MOD RANGE).


EDIT: to be clear, I have a 2560x1440 display resolution so it’s not as if screenestate is the issue here.

Tooltips are still a buggy work in progress.

Yeah, if I check main skill dps I get a different value every time I come back from an echo to the node, no buffs or anything, just slightly different, a few percent probably, at most. I often want to check what difference an item makes to my dps but it’s pretty hard when you genuinely do not know what the “real” tooltip value is. Not sure if it’s about cleaning up the code or what it is, but it’s a mild annoyance.

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