Too much hits bug

This is my warpath and abyssal echoes trees . My build has a loot of hits, abyssal echoes with 5 repeats, warpath with orbs, and on top of it 10/10 future strikes passive+as much as possible ignite and bleed chance.

So in the video I hit a dummy for quite some time while spamming abyssal echoes and time reversal. But as you can notice at 14th second of the video I stop hitting and go away from the dummy. Later, when im just running around the orbs from warpath “tempral cascade” node keep spamming…even though i dont use warpath…and there is like a shitton of orbs 7-10(cant count them). Why is this happening?

Moreover, on arena i sometimes almost stop damaging mobs, but if i stop attacking , a huge number of damage numbers start popping up rapidly.

In conclusion, I think that if you deal tooo many hits the system just cant handle them and they get delayed…that will explain the moments when i stop hitting, but orbs keep spamming or dots getting ramped up. On arena its extremely frustrating the same boss dies in seconds on one wave, he appears the next wave and it takes hours to kill him cause there are also other mobs and the more mobs on the screen the more hits…and it becomes crazy.

here is the recording: Too much hits - YouTube

I cant say what is wrong exactly, but definitely something is there…

Ill write an update since ive found an issue. So the problem is node future strikes, if i respec and dont put points into it everything works really well, but as soon as i get them the shit that in the video happens. As demonstrated on footage this mechanic causes massive delay in my hits applying to the enemies, like several seconds after stopping attacking I still proc the warpath “on hit effect” as if i didnt stop attacking at all. Please look into it! I hope you can fix this issue somehow, it is very annoying and also in arena with many enemies causes huge lags even on decent pc.

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