"Toggle Channeled Abilities" - Add Option in Gameplay Menu

I don’t want to waste too much time: the Warpath bug that made it keep spinning was actually kind of nice, and saved my fingers. It was even better that when you figured the bug out you could press the key once to toggle, or hold then release for expected behavior. I imagine a dropdown menu like this:

Doesn’t need to happen exactly like that, but please consider some kind of toggle for channeling.

While I prefer holding it down for more control over when my ability activates and ends, I don’t see any reason why in the future this can’t be a thing for accessibility purposes.

I imagine it won’t be anywhere that high on their priorities for awhile, but when they get around to it would be neat.


I just wasted 15 minutes outside of the game trying to configure my mouse in such a way as to replicate the “one-click perma-spin”. I failed. And now I’m too salty to jump back into the game tonight (I don’t handle failure we’ll). For the record, I ran two monoliths to try and re-acclimate myself to the “hold to spin” and it’s just…so much worse from a QoL standpoint.

It was a bug, not an option they’ve removed.

Yes, I realize the ability to activate this “toggle” was considered a bug. But I think the point we’re trying to make is that some of us appreciated its existence and found it to be huge QoL improvement. So we’d like to see this option come back intentionally.

I know I can’t speak for anyone other than myself but, after playing for hundreds of hours, I’d consider the ability to do this crucial. If not for my sanity, at least for my wrist!

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It wasn’t consistent either. The bug is far different from actually programming in the option. When it happened to me, there were times I really struggled to turn it off. Made it hard to click other things. Or the character started to wonder off when I was bringing up a menu.