To sell or Not to sell... uniques

So they mentioned in the steam post that many uniques will not have legendary status and will just be standard uniques but in my case. I have around 18 stash tabs completely full of useful uniques and purples. That’s like all thats in 18 tabs. I try to have no more than 1 duplicate of a unique. I used to have a bunch of junk but as my characters got better as I learned how to level better thanks to other players here on the boards, my tabs got full of really nice items.

Now on the steam post they mentioned that the old items won’t be upgraded to have legendary status… you’ll have to hunt them down all over again.

My question I know is just opinion and I take it as that, but what do you folks think… should I take the gold and clean out my stash tabs and start fresh hunting down uniques all over again?

I’m about to head to bed and log back in later for the update and then jump on after checking on the post here to see your opinions.

I do appreciate your thoughts and do consider them a lot.

I would sell a lot of them as iam going to do myself.
Just dont sell the really rare ones or the ones you think you want to make a build around. Until you have found one with the legendary status i would keep one copy of those, if i were you.

A lot of endgame uniques are still good without the legendary status so i would keep a few of those. Some uniques are REALLY common so i would just remove those if i were you.

This database shows the rarity of the uniques which might help you to decide if you want to remove them or not :slight_smile:

I would keep the ones most difficult to obtain, the ones most useful even without being legendary, and the leveling ones.

Not to sell → rather exchange.

Besides what all the characters wear, I always keep at least (sometimes much more) two copies of uniques and set pieces. These I will now gradually replace or supplement with new exemplars including “legendary potential”.

For exalted there is a separate compartment for each item category [gloves, rings, shields etc.] if the compartment is full another one is added [e.g. 2 exalted glove compartments etc.].

Probably I will have to create a new category for “finished exalted” [5 slots on item] and Legendarys as well, including all subcategories.

May the warehouse burst! :joy:

That you have to start over again for the “online start” I clear, am mentally prepared for it.
However, to have to do that every 3 months in one way or another would already stink to me if I only thought about it. :pig_nose:

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I have many more stash tabs than this of uniques and exalted items… General Uniques I will keep and replace with ones with Legendary Potential as they drop and just junk the old ones…

I may keep useful uniques without LP for specific builds but eventually I expect to have nothing but LP ones…

Exalteds, well those should all be much more useful now so no point in getting rid of them…

the new updates to the Set items might make those more useful - hopefully - but only time will tell…

Good rools = Keep
Legendary potential = Keep
everything else = Vendor trash

Thanks for the replies. Replenish as I get new ones I think *is a good idea and the way to go so thank you all. I hadn’t really considered that one believe it or not.

I keep around 2 of every unique, more if they are widely useful in diverse builds. Every time I get a new one, I examine its rolls, and if its rolls are > then the ones in my Stash, I swap it in and take out the lowest roll and sell it.

Needless to say, my stash has 2 of every unique with amazing rolls… :slight_smile:

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