To 11th Hour


I’m always just honest, so please forgive me.

I’ve done 3 play sessions of LaEp so far, 43 Aco SC & then rolled an SC Masochist Primalist to dual level.

First off, Masochist is awesome, I was flying through, ignoring all defense investment and just relying on life pool/regen/and minor mitigation. If gear had res, cool whatever.

Then I got to the first Res Check boss, note that everything to this point just melted. But this boss won’t die, and we were fighting rounds sometimes over thirty min because I play controller and needing to get down my wolf control (the controls are slick af btw ty). Well, I finally paid attention to the bosses dmg types and had to peel back to farm bases to get those res up. Then I tried him again and I still died because I was exhausted by then.

In regards to your classes, my jaw dropped when I realized you currently have five base classes & not one, BUT TWO, of them are Hard Summoners. I’m guessing you have at least two Summoners on the design team, probably more like four because not many out there can design kits this bananas on the first go round.

So ya, I’m hooked.

Whatever your Vision is, is there a Bible I can read to follow along ?_?

Thank You Again glhf<3

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Hey there, welcome and cool to hear you enjoy the game so much! Controller compat seems to continuously improve, I have never tried, but it is nice to hear that they are working well!

EHG’s bible comes in the form of dev created blog posts where they outline whats in the works, expectations for the future, and when it is patch time, obscenely long write ups about what has changed.

Id stay away from trade related discussions for now, but besides that, I believe dev’s have their own subsection where you can find all their posts.