Tips for Surviving End Game Dungeons

Hi guys!
i’m really liking Falconer. Strated playing as Dive Bomb, now i’m playing trapper with cold acid flask.
i really don’t mind much repetitive content, but i recently got a bit bored of doing monoliths, and wanted to farm dungeons just to have some variety…

but man, my poor little rogue gets one-shoted very often.
i do have a bunch of resistances, 100% crit avoidance, a bit of armor and endurance, 1.4k HP, dusk shrouds, glancing blows and life leech… but ~380% it’s just too much for me to handle.

so i’m here to ask what am i missing, and what can i do to improve my survivalbility.
here is my build currently

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Use Smoke Bomb with Cloaked Incursion as a movement skill instead of Shift, you can get more Silver Shroud (through Moonlight Bomb) that way. Helps tremendously with T4 bosses.


great idea!
i wasn’t using smoke bomb because i felt i need a movement skill, but i missed this node completely!!