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Tips for new people, or old people like me :)

OK, so I am close to 70 on one character, almost to 30 on another, etc. etc. Here are some of the things I wish I knew from the beginning, some of these are obvious, but just hear me out.

  1. Make sure when you start a character and start getting points, you aren’t looking at what helps right now, think about down the road. You get limited points to spend through your leveling and you have to think about the end game. If it works for now, remember, you can schedule your plan later so that you can de-specialize and start over with a skill you don’t have yet. The rate at which it levels is fast, so no biggie. Example: I’m lazy and not a great thinker when it comes to using multiple skills, so everything I really use actively is right mouse, Q and E. Your mileage may vary.
  2. This should have been number 1 for everyone that doesn’t want a wall of text to read first. Easy mode is pet class. Acolyte seems to be the most faceroll I’ve encountered. My basic strat is to summon skeletons, my golem, run around and try to not get hit. Works for arena up to the 50’s, then you have to put effort into it.
  3. Skill trees - kind of like the first part, however, you only get 20 points so make sure that your skill trees synergize with your playstyle and the skills you are using actively. You don’t want to focus your skills on pets/minions if you plan on a high melee playstyle.
  4. Gear - OMG it took forever but I finally figured this one out. Study the runes you pick up, check the base stats of an item (not prefix and suffix) before you seriously contemplate using it. It’s OK to grab a few items that are almost identical and try to push the crafting to T4. You’re going to waste some items for sure.
  5. You can keep crafting the same stat, it will raise it up an additional level if successful. The more you do it, the more of a risk it is.
  6. Never worry about money, that comes quick and fast and you will have plenty of it within a couple of hours of first starting.
  7. If you don’t like the playstyle of your character, go to the icon on the screen with the “brain”, you can basically start over if you like, just takes money. If you want to specialize in another skill, just drop it, it is fast to level up.
  8. You can check your quest log, re-read it to find where you are supposed to be. Yes, I actually found this after I was in my 40’s with newbie quests I hadn’t finished yet :slight_smile:
  9. All of your characters have access to your stash and money.

I’m no expert, advanced noob might be the term best used to describe me but perhaps something here will help. Good luck, it’s a great game and plenty of fun :slight_smile:


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