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Timelines Conquered

I’m sure this is something that has been said before, but here are my two cents. It would be nice if the Timelines Conquered in a row would last until you lose one or have a general daily reset. This would make it much easier for those of us who don’t have the time to invest in multiple timelines in a row in one sitting just to score an arena key. So far in the last day, I have completed several timelines in a row, but via a couple of different logins. I know I have completed more than five, but I don’t have the time to complete more than two or three in a row per login.

Overall I feel like the timelines system could be great if it wasn’t so punishing to those of us with busy schedules.

Seconded, but I’m sure it’s on their agenda and will come with the map persistence update :slight_smile:

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