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Timeline says empowered, but its not

First off, I watched Boardman21’s video, and I have the “chests” unlocked (only one at this point).

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to attach a picture, but it’s showing that The Black Sun is level 100, but when I go to start an echo, it shows 68 still and there is no reset monolith option, and no choice to do it normal or lengendary.

What am I missing?

Figured it out, I had to run up to 4 echo’s, get the reset button then it showed up as legendary.


Yeah you cant reset in the first 3 echoes. Bot sure shy its implemented like that

I’m “bot sure shy” either, though I would assume it’s a hug rather than a deliberate implementation (typo intended).

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What the bell are you doing here?

Maybe something for the hug report section?