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Time Rot + Chill

First off, does Time Rot and Chill stack?

If so, is there any feasible way to make a build that does both effectively without giving up being able to do damage?

I was looking at a Void Knight caster but a lot of the triggers for Time Rot are specifically melee hit. I thought about going into Warpath to get a lot of hits fast. Maybe using a Omnividence. If I use that staff, the only way to really get chill on hit is with other uniques like Artor’s Legacy or Hollow Finger/Oceareon and/or the blessing Heart of Ice.

Basic template; Void Knight, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

If they don’t stack, I guess it doesn’t matter much and the idea will just go in the bin.

They do stack.

On most. Builds you don’t even have to sacrifice dmg.

Most reliable and also the strongest way to apply Time Rot would be via Anomaly, which lasts 10 seconds and has 50% increased effect. (22,5% slow)

This would be not available on trash but usually you don’t need that there.

Chill mainly is only globally available as weapon suffix, which is one of the best defensive suffixes for that slot anyway.

For some really “matrix-es” feel you could also throw in Temporal Blight from Abyssal Echo with 150% increased effect. (another 12,5% slow)

So in total we look at 3x6% slow from chill + 22,5% slow(only AS & CS plus the increased stun duration) from Time Rot + 12, 5% slow from Temporal Blight.

I think all of this is not additive, but still we look at ~45% slow

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