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Time Legion (Void Knight Passive) Time Rot not working & wrong tooltip

[](Time Legion)

+20% Time Rot chance supposedly, i never apply a single time rot stack ever, with massive attackspeed.

And the Time Rot description seems completely wrong to what Time Rot in the current game does.

What skill are you using to apply Time Rot?

Rive but even reversal and lunge seems to never apply it at all like that time rot part was meant to be removed from that tooltip

Did some testing on a VK.

Using unspec’d Rive as the melee attack:

  • with only the Time Legion Passive - No Time Rot on any melee hit.
  • with a single 23% on hit Idol “Of Rot” - Time Rot Applies
  • with only a Definace of the Forgotten Knight Shield - Time Rot Applies

The attack speed and echo change from the Passive seem to be verifiable… but its most definitely NOT applying Time Rot from that passive - at least not that I can see…

So I would say that there is something wrong here…

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