Tier 7 items drop rate?

Ever since I get to area level 90 and then 100 I got more than 20 purple items. All of them with a tier 6 affix. My initial excitement turned into boredom to be honest. Are tier 7 truly this rare? You really gotta consider that 1. There is no trading yet and 2. The tier 7 items can still appear on crap bases and can be crap in general like chance to slow. Currently 1 tier 7 item might drop in 2 hours of gameplay which is far from ideal when it comes to retention.

You actually see 1 yet? Lucky u,
I farm MoF lvl 80 % 100 since my sentinal was lvl 72, now lvl 95 and zero T7 appear.
Countless T6 though, only keep in my stash around 50 of “having potential” items, the rest is trash.

In my experience drop rates for T6/7 are pretty bad. Even on higher lvl areas.

I understand that they are supposed to be top tier drops and as such are supposed to be rare, but when you factor in the fact that most of the ones that do drop, are not that much better than rare drops (with 2xT5) then they do seem useless most of the time.

I have also never found a T6 that has rolled with the rare/very rare affixes even on lvl100 runs. Most of it is a high roll on something common that you dont really need more of.

I do keep some of them in case I want to try crafting something or change a build - this fails almost every time but thats a different issue.

Most T6 I now shatter as I have found that they tend to give more shards than other drops on average.

I have never found a t7 or a double T6. Maybe the devs want them to be very rare, but at the moment with everything else factored in, even if you got a T7 its probably going to be useless for most of your builds and crafting will break it anyway.

i have to second that. Having 4 affixes drop on a purple guarantees that it is forget or salvage. With 3 there is a low probability that 2 are good then 1/3 probability you can roll the 3rd bad one off but then the added instability makes it virtually impossible to get to T16+.

I only have 1 Purple item that i wear across all 10 of my characters and that item is only T14 as i am not prepared to have the item fracture with a high T6 Protective prefix

T7 are just able to drop in the (currently) last 2 timelines. The Lvl 90 and Lvl 100 Timeline, since they only can drop from lvl 90+ areas.

Thanks for this!!!
Start farming 100 now!

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