Throwing attack crit strike chance not shown on character window

pls add and ty <3

To add to this, there is a lot of information I wish we could see on character sheet as well as on skill tooltips.

I’d like to know the breakdown for the math on these skills. For example, showing your flat damage to X skill when I hover it and hold Alt, this number would be whatver flat the skill has + flat from all sources on tree/gear and skill web, attacks/casts per second base & my increases and the %inc damage from the same sources on the tooltip for skills so I get a better idea of what I’m lacking and what I need more of to do my build math better. These stat scan also just be on the character sheet as “Flat Melee/Bow/Spell/Throwing damage” and I’d be just as happy.

A friend of mine had this issue on his first character and I came to realize it’s an issue for me too, where he didn’t know his flat for a skill so didn’t inherently know he needed to be building more of it to start doing any real damage.

That would be my biggest suggestion.

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yes awesome

Yes, It would be awesome if we had more detailed information on skills.
I mean, there’s no way to know the amount of damage from each type any given skill does. It gets really messy when we have skills doing multiple types of damage at the same time, plus having % conversion to another type. Without knowing what would be best to build around we just kinda go “the more the better”.

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