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Throwing attack cinder strike

Replace the Firebreathing node to make the melee attack into a throwing attack, but it no longer explodes. And change Umbral Conflagration to apply a stack de-buff that explodes at max stacks. Keep the Burning Dagger and Flaming Fury nodes the same. Or just add a new node that replaces the melee attack to a throwing attack.

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Not sure what problem you are trying to resolve with this suggestion for Cinder Strike?

Burning Dagger as a subskill already has the Throwing tag and scales with everything related to throwing. So in a way, it gives Cinder Strike throwing features in addition to melee / bow. Volatile Flask also works in the same way and scales with Throwing.

Do you intend for Cinder Strike as a skill to get the throwing tag?

Not sure I understand the need for these changes? What is the issue you are trying to fix?

There’s no problem. Just thought it would be cool if there was a node in the skill tree that would turn the melee attack into a throwing attack that would throw daggers like the Burning Dagger node. I just really like throwing knife skills.

Ah… Ok. Instead of whacking or shooting an arrow at something that procs throwing daggers, you would prefer to throw daggers at the start.

Pretty much describes Umbral Blades, but I figure you would have found that skill already :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose wanting a fire based dagger throwing build isnt really possible cause you cannot convert Umbral Blades… Maybe that would be a nice idea for a Unique item affix - allow for Umbral to be converted to Fire/Elemental.

Yeah, but I also like the Burning Dagger node. So It’d be cool to throw fire knives and get the homing fire knives too.

I get what you’re saying. Maybe some sort of synergy with Throw Shuriken as it’s already a throw ‘knife’ type skill? Another node in Shuriken’s and/or Cinder Strike’s tree or perhaps a unique that enables it.