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Throw hammer - dissapearing


I couldnt find anything on the forums about this.

When I have the orbit nodes for throw hammers, they disappear on a numerous weird occasions. some of them makes sense , some of them doesn’t, and some are just plain annoying.

  1. The most prominent is when I am standing on a hillside (in the arena for example) since the hammers doesn’t seem to take elevation into consideration. the hammers dissapears when they should be going up the hill since they essentially hit the ground. sometimes they don’t damage mobs htat stand down a hill (maybe because of the mobs height?). this is annoying and I cant see that this is intentional since it severely limits the skill . Solution, take elevation into consideration.

  2. they dissapear when they hit an impassable object, such as trees, stones, cacti, different forges etc. this is also annoying, since it limits the skill in any area setting with some kind of obstacles, which is almsot every area. the hammers should be designed so they pass through these objects for the sake of smooth gameplay.

  3. they dont pass through walls in indoor settings, or outdoor ruin settings. this makes sense since they, yeah, hit a wall, but it (once again) limits the specc when in indoor areas such as castles, catacombs, etc. This is probably so you shouldn’t be able to kill stuff through walls. one solution to this is to make the hammers go through walls, but only damage stuff that are in line of sight of your character. by this you retain your hammers, but cant cheese the game.

  4. they dissapear when hitting non-passable area boundaries, such as cliffwalls, such. usually objects that marks the boundary of the area. this makes alot of sense, but is really annoying, especially when running in caverns.

All of this may not look like a problem, since “you can only cast new hammers” but the strength of the hammer throw orbitiing you, is the area they cover, and their effectiveness are decided by the time each and every hammer exists. cutting this orbit time will decrease the potential of the skill.

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