Three small suggestions

  1. The items that matches a search in the stash needs to be better highlighted. Even with a search I need to search visually for which item is slightly more bright than the rest. You guys should add a big rectangle around the highlighted items.

  2. Remove the right click to equip an item feature. Most other Action RPG use ctrl-right click to move items from stash to inventory or vice versa but somehow you guys use it to equip an item (its actually right click alone but ctrl-right click does the same result : equips the item and replacing your current item). What happens is we use ctlr-right click intuitively to put the item in the craft window, which instead equips the item we want to craft/salvage and it happened me twice that I ended up salvaging my actual gear (because it was the exact same item skin and i didnt notice it swapping my currently equipped item). I swear the second time it happened to me, I was so mad that I was on the verge of quitting the game to never come back.

Why even have a shortcut to equip an item? Its really not needed. Just let us drag and drop them and eliminate the risk to accidentally equipping an item, or at least let us bind what key to use to perform that action.

  1. Please change the shift-right click to move items around to ctrl-left click like every other games does.

Other than that, great game guys!

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  1. Yeah, this is an issue and has been brought up multiple times. I don’t know what the plan is for addressing it but they are aware of the complaints.

  2. I think you have the terminology mixed up a bit, but the issue I think you’re talking about has also been brought up a few times. The right-click equips the item where the Ctrl+Right-click moves the item from the inventory to the stash/forge/vendor.

  3. I think this one is the same as #2? Not sure.

Hey thanks for the answer. You’re right, the right click alone equips the item. The problem is that it replaces the current item without any prompt. That really isn’t needed its not like right clicking to equip an upgrade will save us tons of time in the long run. We rarely get upgrade anyways.

As for my third point. In every other action RPG’s ctrl-left click moves items from inventory to stash, from stash to inventory, from inventory to crafting bench (poe), from inventory to horadric cube (d2), etc. Thats pretty much the standard key combinations to move items around. I wish Last Epoch would use the same combination of keys (currently its shift right click, its like the opposite of the standard) so that muscle memories of other games doesnt impair our gaming experience while swapping bewteen games because lets be honest, all action rpg fans swap between those games as the seasons come and goes.

Great, glad that’s clear. It would be nice to change the right-click equip as I know I have messed up b/c of that too. Not sure it’s an everybody problem or not.

But for the ctrl+right-click, it currently does work the way you are talking, at least for me. I use ctrl+right-click to move it from my inventory to my stash or forge (whichever I have open), or to sell at the vendor. Is that not how it’s working for you?

Hi again,

Right now in last epoch, SHIFT-right click is what moves items around (At least for me). Are you sure that ctrl-right click works for you?

In other games its CTRL-left click.

Its like the opposite of the other games, another key and another mouse button.

Ahhh, my bad, I missed that part and got stuck on the “right”-click.

I feel like were both confused lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would certainly be nice if the industry could move to using certain basic/default keys/combinations for the basic things. Having to re-learn which does what each time you move from game L to game P (totes random letters chosen, obviously) is a small annoyance.

But there absolutely does need to be a shortcut for equipping/selling/transferring to stash/etc. That’s been a basic thing since, like D2?

For the record my muscle memory is shift and right click to move between inventories since Ive played more Minecraft than PoE. So I humbly request a popup when you first launched the game that asks whether you’re a Minecraft or poe enjoyer.

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